Sad news about Maxey Stacey

THE lovely old guy who opens and closes the Great Fen Spitfire film has died. Maxey Stacey witnessed the crash of the plane on Holme Fen in November 1940 and he shared his memories and thoughts about the Great Fen with us during the making of the film in December 2015. Click here to read […]

About the unseen clips

The first thing you should know is that nothing on the DVD appears on this website. The purpose of the website is to complement the DVD and encourage visitors to support the Wildlife Trust by buying the disc. You won’t see any spoilers here and you shouldn’t consider the use of this website as a […]

An alternative intro

When we considered producing two episodes of the film, this sequence was one of the proposed intros to part two. I needed visuals to accompany the Radio 4 broadcast and threw together this breakfast sequence to show the producer. She wasn’t keen. The very first words spoken by John Humphries are a slick edit of […]

Maxey Stacey sings

One of the young boys to witness the crash of the Spitfire in 1940 was Maxey Stacey, life-long resident of the village of Holme. In December 2015 I was joined by the Great Fen’s Mandy Corney and we went along to interview Maxey at his home. We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours in his […]