About the unseen clips

The first thing you should know is that nothing on the DVD appears on this website. The purpose of the website is to complement the DVD and encourage visitors to support the Wildlife Trust by buying the disc. You won’t see any spoilers here and you shouldn’t consider the use of this website as a substitute for watching the DVD. You won’t see any of the official film here. Buy the DVD to enjoy The Great Fen Spitfire Excavation.

The clips here have not been through the full post-production process, so they might not be colour-corrected and on some of them the sound is not great. The sound and image quality of the DVD is better than the clips you will see here.

In most cases, the sole reason for not including sequences was in order to keep within the agreed running time of the main feature. It’s important to say that all the interviewees featured on this website did a great job and I really regret not being able to keep everything in the final version of the film. This is just a normal part of film-making but it doesn’t make it any easier to drop great contributors.

In one or two cases I, the film-maker, made mistakes and the quality of image or audio fell below an acceptable standard. I will explain the reasons for this in the text accompanying the the unseen clips, not as excuses but to help other film-makers to avoid my mistakes.

About the author: martyn

Film-maker interested in opportunities to create documentaries and factual story-telling on film. Also writer and stills photographer.